random appreciation post

i’ve been so negative lately that i decided to make a post full of appreciation about some of my really nice wonderful friends i made through tumblr and to whom i never show enough appreciation i think so here it is 

wowie 3 days until i get to see some of the lovely people who have literally shaped my tumblr experience! 

i’ve been following some of these people for over a year now and they have become really good friends to me. i literally can’t believe i’m meeting some of you guys in person and putting a face to the url (i mean i know what you guys look like but it will be different seeing you in person YOU KNOW)

like i’m literally only friends with niki because of the lovely emily and wow emily thanks niki is the sweetest thing ever I SWEAR SOMETIMES WE ARE THE SAME PERSON i love you both 

(and through niki i met everyone else she hangs out with including chloe who is such a sweetheart i know you hate everything but it means so much to me that you actually don’t hate me like wow ily and also dani i mean you are so nice and giving like thank you so much for the biopsych notes i know you must have worked so hard on them and some of the most fun i have is hanging out with all of you guys even though i don’t hang out with you all the time i wish we could all hang out more)

and chad even though you’re not going to come we will still meet and sing our duet and do makeup one day i s2g this will happen and i cannot wait for that day

doug you are not coming either but when you finally visit california, i swear it’s going to be so awesome like wow i can’t wait we can sit and talk about supernatural OR we could even watch it it’s going to be so great

and tristan you are one of the grooviest kids i’ve ever met and thanks for organizing this entire convention room/board, it’s so hard to organize and you’re doing a rad job and i can’t wait to see you babe especially since we have talked on the phone for 2+ hours together, i know we won’t run out of things to say

and emma wow you CUTIE i can’t even comprehend how one can be so nice and adorable oh gosh i can’t wait to see you too

and gallifrey one will be my first-ever convention! aside from meeting my tumblr friends, i’m so so excited to meet sylvester mccoy and freema agyeman! wow i can’t even believe that this will happen?? too bad arthur darvill couldn’t make it but i mean i s2g one day i WILL meet him and karen gillan

and how i wish i COULD meet my adorable favorites sara and katie and beth and ashley we have our own little group on tumblr and wow basically i am so sad that you all live so far away from me! you guys could have eaten dinner with me! like wow rude stop living near the great lakes

this post is run-on sentence central